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  • How Is Pro Circuit Racing Different Than Other Racing Experiences?
    Pro Circuit Racing differs from other High Performance Racing Experiences because we do not charge on a Per Lap basis. This saves our customers money and also offers the best possible Experience. Although we do include in Car instruction we allow the Customer to drive the Track by themselves at their own pace we believe this is the best way to experience what Strawberry Creek raceway has to offer.
  • How To Book An Experience?
    All bookings can be completed on our Website, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to Call Us 780-815-7223 or use our Chat Function!
  • Do I Require a Valid Drivers Licence?
    Yes, Pro Circuit Racing requires racers to hold valid driver licence and to be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Health Concerns?
    Drivers will be operating the vehicles at high speeds G forces while braking and cornering. If you have any heath concerns please consult with a medical physician before your experience.
  • Do I Need Previous Track Experience?
    No! Pro Circuit Racing Driver Experiences were designed to get all levels of experience around the track safely and quickly.
  • What is Pro Circuit Racing's Rain Policy?
    We operate rain or shine! Driving in the rain the skews the responsibility more toward the driver than the car. This will help you become a better and more precise driver. Driving in the rain offers a unique and exhilarating experience!! In the event Pro Circuit Racing deems the weather conditions to be extreme then you will be permitted to rebook your experience on another day with no penalties or fees.
  • What Are Your Weight and Height Restrictions?
    Height and weight are based off Seat dimensions and the proper fitment of the Safety Gear. Height 5’ to 6’6” Waist 44 inches Max
  • Can I Use My Own Action Camera In Car?
    Yes! Bring your camera and capture what will most certainly be an experience you will never forget!
  • How Many Laps Will I Get?
    The laps you get will depend on many factors temperature, weather, fatigue, however with a non shared single car rental it is possible to get up to 12 sessions of around 7 laps per session.
  • How far in advanced should I Book?
    Earlier the Better These Experiences are Booking Quickly Group bookings need to be booked 7 days in advance. Arrive and drive bookings must be booked a minimum of 24 hours in advance. For last minute bookings contact us for last minute availability. .
  • Can I Bring My Own Car to The Race Track?
    YES! For group bookings we allow you to bring your personal vehicles to the race track for a fee. This option will be an add-on while booking your Experience! Note: your insurance does not cover your vehicle if it incurs damage while on the Race Track. Pro Circuit Racing is not liable For these damages.
  • Do have I have to pay for fuel?
    Pro Circuit Racing provides 25 L of premium fuel per car if extra fuel is needed it will available on site at cost of $2.30/L premium (market price subject to change) Visa and Debit are accepted at the Race Track Note: so we can offer you the safest experience possible The vehicles are not allowed to go below 1/2 tank (25L)
  • Food and Drinks?
    snacks and refreshments are provided with Group Bookings, there are no concessions on site. Catering services are available upon request! Bring your own food and drink for Individual Bookings.
  • Insurance?
    If you bring your own vehicle your insurance WILL NOT cover you or your vehicle while on the race track. Pro Circuit Racing will offer collision coverage with a deductible for an additional fee. See “pricing” tab for details
  • What is Pro Circuit Racings Return Policy?
    There is no Returns on driving experiences, However experiences don't expire so it Can be booked at your next availability.
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